Tall Black Jumpsuits

Skylar Hernandez
11 min readApr 9, 2024



Get ready to add a chic and sophisticated touch to your wardrobe with our collection of the best tall black jumpsuits. This roundup article showcases a variety of eye-catching jumpsuits, designed to flatter and accentuate your figure. Whether you’re attending a formal event or looking for a stylish outfit for a night out, our selection has got you covered.

The Top 5 Best Tall Black Jumpsuits

  1. Stylish, Sustainable Wide-Leg Jumpsuit with Adjustable Straps — Elegantly tailored wide-leg jumpsuit with a sweetheart neckline and adjustable straps, made from TENCEL Modal fabric for exceptional comfort and sustainability.
  2. Elegant Rayon Jersey Knit Wrap Jumpsuit — Experience nonchalant sophistication in this VIVICASTLE jumpsuit, featuring a V-neck, long sleeves, wide-legged pants, and a plunging cross-over waist, all crafted with luxurious rayon jersey knit for a relaxed and effortless silhouette.
  3. Comfy and Chic Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black — Experience ultimate comfort and timeless elegance with the Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black, featuring a flattering V-neck, sleeves, and featherweight fabric for unparalleled wearability, effortlessly pairing with trainers for the ideal daytime look.
  4. Oh Polly Tall Black Bandeau Corset Jumpsuit — Embrace style and comfort with the Oh Polly Tall Brushed Twill Bandeau Corset Jumpsuit in Black, 0 — transforming your wardrobe with sleek silhouettes and versatile day-to-night elegance.
  5. Chic Stretch Knit Black Jumpsuit with Open Back Design — Be the belle of the ball with Lulus’s Something to Behold Black Jumpsuit, boasting a fitted waist, open back design, and high apron neckline for a glamorous and unforgettable look.

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Stylish, Sustainable Wide-Leg Jumpsuit with Adjustable Straps

Stylish, Sustainable Wide-Leg Jumpsuit with Adjustable Straps | Image

I recently had the chance to try on this Tall Modal Sweetheart Neckline Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black, XXL from Oh Polly. First off, let me tell you, it’s a chic and comfortable piece perfect for a night out or a fancy dinner. The design of the jumpsuit stands out with the subtle sweetheart neckline, tapering up to adjustable shoulder straps, giving it a bit more class and elegance.

Wearing it, I appreciated the pull-on design, making it super easy to slip into without any hassle. Additionally, it’s fully lined, which makes it even more comfortable and snug. The fabric is another big plus, as it’s made from Oh Polly’s TENCEL Modal fabric, a soft and breathable material that feels even better than cotton.

Moreover, the Elowen jumpsuit has a supportive stretch thanks to the 8% Elastane blend, ensuring you look and feel confident all night long. One thing I loved about this jumpsuit is that it’s sourced sustainably from renewable beechwood, which is an eco-friendly feature worth mentioning. Overall, it’s a great addition to my wardrobe and, in my opinion, Oh Polly really hit the nail on the head with this piece!

Elegant Rayon Jersey Knit Wrap Jumpsuit

Elegant Rayon Jersey Knit Wrap Jumpsuit | Image

As a fashion enthusiast, I recently had the pleasure of trying on the Vivicastle Women’s Wrap Top Wide Leg Long Sleeve Cocktail Knit Jumpsuit in black with a sleeveless version. The first thing that caught my eye was the lightweight, comfortable material — it really made such a difference in the overall feel of the jumpsuit. The wrap-front design and elastic waistband provided a flattering fit, while the wide-legged pants added a touch of elegance to the look.

However, I did notice that the jumpsuit was a bit short on me, which might be an issue for some users. Additionally, I found the instructions to hand wash the jumpsuit a bit inconvenient for a busy person like myself, but I understand the reasoning behind it for preserving the quality of the material.

Overall, this Vivicastle jumpsuit was a lovely addition to my wardrobe, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile and stylish piece.

Comfy and Chic Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black

Comfy and Chic Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black | Image

During a recent shopping spree, I stumbled upon the Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black. I was intrigued by the fashion-forward v-neck and long sleeves, which promised a flattering fit. The jumpsuit boasted a straight leg silhouette and a featherweight fabrication that screamed comfort. I loved the fact that it offered a print-free design, ensuring timeless appeal.

As I was experimenting with different outfit combinations, I paired the jumpsuit with a pair of trainers for a casual, yet chic daytime look. It went without saying that I felt like royalty walking down the street, turning heads with every step. The jumpsuit effortlessly provided both style and comfort, emulating the perfect combination of elegance and ease.

However, while the jumpsuit certainly stood out, I did notice one potential downside. The Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black might not be the most versatile piece in my wardrobe, as it didn’t go so well with formal events. It seemed to have a more laid-back vibe, leaving me in search of an alternative outfit when a more sophisticated look was required.

Overall, the Mango Wide Leg Jumpsuit in Black proved to be an intriguing and stylish addition to my wardrobe. Its unique blend of comfort and style made it stand out on casual days, though it wasn’t the most versatile option when it came to dressing up for formal events. Nonetheless, for those seeking a fashion-forward jumpsuit that offers a hint of elegance, this one might just be the perfect fit.

Oh Polly Tall Black Bandeau Corset Jumpsuit

Oh Polly Tall Black Bandeau Corset Jumpsuit | Image

Have you ever wished for a versatile, elegant jumpsuit that seamlessly transitions from day to night? Well, let me introduce you to the Goldie jumpsuit, the ultimate bandeau corset in black twisted fabric. Picture a day where you can go from office meetings to after-work cocktails in just one outfit.

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing this beautiful piece, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute game-changer. The attention to detail in the premium brushed twill fabric is evident, as it subtly enhances your shape, making you look and feel amazing. The structured corset top and wide-leg pleated trousers are the perfect blend of form and function.

Now, no product is without its small quibbles. But let’s face it, this jumpsuit has more pros than cons. It’s easy to wear, comfy, and the fit is perfect for those who love their clothes a little snug. It’s definitely a style-defining piece that’s worth adding to your wardrobe.

In conclusion, the Goldie jumpsuit has become a go-to for me when it comes to effortless and elegant styling. It’s a stunning choice for those who love a good bandeau corset and want to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. So, why not try it out and see for yourself?

Chic Stretch Knit Black Jumpsuit with Open Back Design

Chic Stretch Knit Black Jumpsuit with Open Back Design | Image

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this stunning Lulus Something to Behold Black Jumpsuit, and let me tell you, it has become my go-to outfit for all sorts of occasions. The jumpsuit fits like a glove, accentuating all the right places.

The high apron neckline gives me a feminine touch, while the open back adds a touch of glam. The fitted waistband is both snug and comfortable, and the diagonal front pockets are a fun little surprise. Wearing it with some heels definitely elevates the overall look.

While it’s a sturdy piece, it’s made entirely of polyester, which can be a little clingy at times. It also requires careful hand washing, but I must say, it’s a small price to pay for such a beautiful piece. Overall, this Lulus Something to Behold Black Jumpsuit is a true highlight of my wardrobe, and I highly recommend it for any stylish woman out there.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect tall black jumpsuit can be an exciting and daunting task. With so many options available, it’s essential to consider essential factors like fit, comfort, style, and occasion. This buyer’s guide will provide you with some general advice and essential features to look for when purchasing a tall black jumpsuit to ensure you make the best choice for your needs.


Fit Considerations

Finding the right fit is crucial when choosing a tall black jumpsuit. Look for brands that offer sizes designed specifically for taller women. Consider your body type and proportions when selecting a jumpsuit, as styles can vary in terms of flare, length, and waistline. Make sure to try on a few different options before making your final decision to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.

Comfort and Material

A comfortable and well-fitting jumpsuit is key to enjoying your experience wearing it. Consider the fabric’s breathability and stretch to ensure it’s comfortable to wear for various occasions. A blend of natural fibers and synthetic materials can often provide the best of both worlds — comfort and durability. Look for jumpsuits with a lining or light padding for extra coverage and support.



Tall black jumpsuits come in a variety of styles, from classic and timeless to bold and trendy. Determine the occasion and desired look before making your purchase. Some popular styles include tapered, flared, and boot cut. Consider pairing your jumpsuit with heels or flats, depending on the fit and style you choose.


A versatile tall black jumpsuit can be dressed up or down, making it a worthwhile investment. Look for jumpsuits that can be worn to work, a special event, or a night out. Pay attention to details like the neckline, sleeve length, and overall silhouette of the jumpsuit, as these factors can impact its versatility.



What makes a tall black jumpsuit a good choice for formal events?

Tall black jumpsuits are an excellent choice for formal events due to their sleek and elegant design. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Their classic black color makes them suitable for a wide range of formal events, and they provide a timeless look that is sure to impress. Additionally, the tall cut of the jumpsuit ensures that it flatters tall figures, making it a great option for individuals with longer legs.

The jumpsuit’s tailored fit also contributes to its formality. It provides a structured and polished look that is perfect for formal events. The absence of a skirt allows for more freedom of movement, making it a practical choice for a night out. Overall, the tall black jumpsuit is a sophisticated and stylish option for anyone attending a formal event.


What are some styling tips for wearing a tall black jumpsuit?

Styling a tall black jumpsuit can be easy and elegant if you follow these simple tips:

  1. Accessorize with statement jewelry to add a touch of glamour. Pair the jumpsuit with a chic statement necklace or earrings to draw attention to your face and create a balanced look. 2. Complete the look with a pair of high heels or strappy sandals to elongate your legs and add height. 3. Add a blazer or a structured jacket to the outfit for a more formal look, and consider adding a clutch or a small handbag to complete the ensemble.
  2. Choose the right hair and makeup to complement your look. A sleek ponytail or an updo paired with a bold lip or a natural makeup look can elevate the overall appearance of the outfit. Finally, consider the occasion and the dress code when deciding on the appropriate accessories and styling for your tall black jumpsuit.

How can I find the perfect tall black jumpsuit that fits my body type?

Finding the perfect tall black jumpsuit can be easy if you consider the following factors:

  1. Measure your body carefully to ensure that you select a jumpsuit with the correct fit. Pay attention to the waist, thigh, and inseam measurements to find a jumpsuit that flatters your body shape. 2. Look for jumpsuits with a tall cut that accommodates your longer legs. 3. Consider the style and the fabric of the jumpsuit. Choose a style that suits your body type and a fabric that is comfortable and suitable for the occasion.
  2. Read reviews and check the sizing charts provided by the retailer to ensure that the jumpsuit is true to size. If possible, try on the jumpsuit before purchasing it. You can also ask a sales associate for assistance in finding the perfect fit. By taking these factors into consideration, you can find a tall black jumpsuit that is both stylish and comfortable.

What are some affordable options for tall black jumpsuits?

Affordable tall black jumpsuits can be found at various retailers, both online and in-store. Here are some options to consider:

  1. ASOS Curve — They offer a wide range of affordable tall black jumpsuits in various styles and sizes. 2. Boohoo — Boohoo has a selection of tall black jumpsuits at budget-friendly prices. 3. Forever 21 — Forever 21 has a variety of tall black jumpsuits that are affordable and trendy.
  2. H&M — H&M offers a range of affordable tall black jumpsuits, including basic and statement pieces. 5. Uniqlo — Uniqlo has a selection of tall black jumpsuits that are both affordable and versatile. Consider shopping around and comparing prices to find the best deal on a tall black jumpsuit that fits your budget and style.

What are some tall black jumpsuit options for those who prefer a more relaxed fit?

For those who prefer a more relaxed fit, there are several tall black jumpsuit options to consider:

  1. Palazzo Jumpsuit — The palazzo style jumpsuit is a loose-fitting and comfortable option that provides a relaxed and flowy look. 2. The Wide Leg Jumpsuit — A wide-leg jumpsuit offers a relaxed fit and a trendy silhouette. 3. The Cropped Jumpsuit — A cropped jumpsuit provides a more relaxed fit and can be paired with heels or flats for a versatile look.
  2. The Drawstring Jumpsuit — A drawstring jumpsuit offers a more relaxed fit and can be adjusted to your comfort level. 5. The Tunic Jumpsuit — A tunic-length jumpsuit provides a more relaxed fit and can be paired with heels or flats for a comfortable and chic look. Consider these options when looking for a tall black jumpsuit that offers a more relaxed fit and comfortable wear.

What are some tips for caring for a tall black jumpsuit?

Caring for your tall black jumpsuit is important to ensure that it maintains its quality and longevity. Here are some tips to help you care for your jumpsuit:

  1. Read the care label on your jumpsuit to ensure that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying. 2. Hand wash your jumpsuit to avoid any potential damage from machine washing. If hand washing is not an option, use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.
  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach, or fabric softeners when washing your jumpsuit, as these can damage the fabric and affect the jumpsuit’s color. 4. Air dry your jumpsuit to prevent any shrinking or stretching of the fabric. If air drying is not an option, use a low heat setting on your dryer and remove the jumpsuit from the dryer as soon as it is dry to prevent any damage. 5. Store your jumpsuit in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage from humidity or moisture.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.